Hire a Minibus with Driver for your Corporate Outings and Off-Site Meetings

We understand that time is money. That’s why using hiring a corporate minibus in Essex to provide transportation to your off-site meetings or company outings makes sense.

When you need to get a large party of staff to another location in Essex we can provide the solution. Our fleet can accommodate 16 passengers in a single, front-facing, “touring” configured minibus, plus our range of cars, so chauffeuring 32 or even more passengers is not a problem.

Travelling as one party is not only cost effective but enables your party to collaborate whilst in transit to bring up new ideas to raise and discuss once you reach your destination.  We all also ensure that everybody arrives together, on time, and focused on the agenda ahead.

Why rely on everyone travelling separately and getting there at different times depending on the routes they take and the traffic conditions? You will also save on transportation expenses by hiring one vehicle instead of having to pay the fuel expenses for many. If your company is concerned about the environment, we offer a much more ecologically sound manner of transportation than relying on numerous cars.

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